Aqua Soil is a non-toxic, earth friendly product that works through its cycle and then breaks down into CO2, water, potassium and nitrogen.

AquaSoil Hydrogel Products are environmentally friendly, spongeous potassium based polymers, which acts like a water and fertilizer reservoir in the soil, providing water and nutrients directly to the plant roots through normal capillary action, active absorption and osmosis.

The water is absorbed by the long chain, cross linked molecular structure of AquaSoil Hydrogel, thereby preventing rapid drainage, while the added nutrients (inorganic NPK) are loosely bound by the anionic negative molecular charge, preventing rapid leaching that may occur in sandy soils.

AquaSoil Hydrogel is a farmers MUST HAVE product, to ensure huge water savings & accelerated plant growth.

This results in the provision of a continuous source of water, buffering the desiccation effects of evapotranspiration in hot dry climates. By attaching to soil particles, the complex chain molecular structure of AquaSoil strengthens soil aggregates, improves soil structure and maintains micro-pores, thereby limiting erosion potential and reducing soil crust formation caused by irrigation with water high in sodium salts.

Tailor-made added nutrition provides for differences in soil types and for the varied nutritional demands of different plant types, e.g. lawn-grass, vegetables, cut flowers and fruit trees.